Villanova Doesn’t Run Plays. They Do This.

Posted: June 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

I don’t think this is debatable… Jay Wright’s Villanova program has been the best in NCAA Men’s Basketball over the last four years. Two national championships say a lot!

This year, Villanova had the #1 ranked offense according to Ken Pomeroy’s stats. And they were ranked #3, #3, and #4 the previous three years. And this is out of 351 teams!

And here is what they do offensively. Villanova teaches concepts. They don’t teach plays.

When one Big East scout was asked if Villanova had 5 plays, the response was “… If that.”

This might sound very similar to an article that we wrote on the importance of avoiding plays and teaching UOCs (Universal Offensive Concepts) to youth and high school teams. That way, they know how to play in any situation and for any program.

Additionally, your practice time isn’t wasted on teaching plays which does NOT make players better. Instead, you teach them how to play. This empowers you to spend every minute of practice developing better players. In my opinion, this is what every youth, middle school, and JV coach should be doing.

When you do this over multiple years, you really start to separate from the pack. That’s because these little incremental improvements really start to add up over time.

And obviously, the best college coaches like Jay Wright see the value in teaching this at the college level as well.

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