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“SOMEDAY” Disease

Posted: September 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

“Some Day” is a disease that will take your Dreams to the Grave with you.

(Written by Tim Ferris)

I have come to realize on my fifty-one-year journey that there is nothing more liberating than giving up the desire to be liked by everyone. Learn to love your struggles. The best day of your life is the day you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses.

If you cannot lead yourself, how will you lead others? Self-leadership is the art of getting extraordinary performance from your skill sets. Each person is free is to discover his or her own greatness. Our responsibility is to lift people up, not tear them down. The best use of power is in service to others.

A free person is one that conquers fear. Life is intended to be lived. Thus we must push our boundaries to their outer limits. The only real failure is the failure to act. Rejection can be the first step towards success. Many of life’s frustrations and adversities are wrapped in a package labeled opportunities.

My mission in life is to live a better, more fulfilling, more interesting, more balanced existence while being a positive difference in the lives of others. Competition inspires us to do more than what is required. Winning in sports is easier than winning in life. Failure is a growth opportunity. At some point in life, we have to unlearn most things to begin learning new things.

Be careful not to take one person’s opinion and make it the universal truth. Our minds should never be a place to store garbage. Uncluttered minds produce highly productive thinkers and results. The most worthless conversations take place when no one is listening. Open the windows of your mind to usher in fresh thinking. Always remain a student in life. It is the quality of your questions that determine the quality of your discoveries. The horizons are infinite. It is never too late to change and get better!