Building a Person – Building a Player

Basketball Skills Development – Building the Person/Player

They are all one in the same.
As you build your Basketball playing abilities – you build your character as a person.

At any time in your life, you can start building yourself as a person and as a player. What you learn in one can be applied in the other. Catching a pass, making that critical “touch” on defense, talking to a teacher, buying a candy bar – Basketball has that ability to create the quality character in a person.

The “Coach” has a special place for that character building – where we have the ability and opportunity to bring important characteristics to a human – through the tools of Basketball..

Here in Wheatland WY – there is the Opportunity to bring a Basketball based character development culture. This positive culture starts with our youth through grade school, middle school, and on into high school.

Join the ride – be a part of the U. BballU
Expand your abilities – expand your horizons.
Invest the Time – develop your character.

A lifetime of Coaching youth Basketball – Here to build our youth through Basketball.

One X One to Team Huddles at a cost that everyone can afford.
To start the journey and training call – Coach Kit West 307.331.0357