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So here is Hurricane Meyer:

Posted: March 8, 2012 in Coach Meyer

·         I’m just an old basketball coach… so I don’t know everything like these young coaches today do.
·         Coaching = Leadership (you can’t coach if you can’t lead)
·         You can play, coach, or officiate. Pick ONE.
·         I don’t make decisions because they are easy, popular, or convenient. I make them because they are right.
·         A scared team is a quiet team. Great teams are vocal and communicate!
·         A great coach sees the little things.  A great coach looks at Cindy Crawford and only notices the mole.
·         Great coaches balance repetition with variety.
·         Your goal: to be the best team on your schedule!
·         Sad reality: every parent would rather their son/daughter make All-State than for the team to win the State Championship.
·         Fundraising idea: set up an auction and buy your players for what they are worth and sell them for what their parents think they are worth!
·         Be your own worst critic. Be your own best expert.
·         Foundation of Coaching: know who you are and know what you stand for.
·         Make the big time where you are.
·         Choose battles small enough to win but big enough to fight.
·         Be a skill coach, not a drill coach. You must teach the game!
·         Practice the way you are going to play in games.
·         A good player knows where they are on the court. A great player knows where everyone is on the court. The best players know where everyone is and what they should be doing!
·         Kids today don’t listen, but they do watch.  Set the example with your actions!
·         Every day you should make a ‘needs assessment.’ What does my team need from me to get better?
·         Let your players know these 2 things every day: here is one thing you are doing well (and why) and here is one thing you can do better (and how).
·         Always plan, prepare, and practice like you just lost your last game.
·         It costs you nothing to do the right thing. It can cost you everything when you do the wrong thing.
·         You can choose captains, but you can’t pick leaders.  Leadership comes from within.
·         Whoever controls the locker room controls the team.  Do you control it? Or do your players?
·         Everyone needs to have someone believe in them.  For players from ‘broken’ homes, the coach may be the only person who does!
·         If you coach for any reason other than the love the game or because you want to impact kids, you are in the wrong business.
·         You can only reach your potential as a team if your best player is your hardest worker.
·         Don’t do 50 things one time to get better, do one thing 50 times (repetition = improvement).
·         3 people on your team need to ‘bring it’ every day: the head coach, the point guard, and the best player.
·         Expect greatness. Inspect greatness. Accept greatness.
·         It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.  Don’t accept that as an excuse very often!
·         Don’t coach on emotion. Get mad, calm down… then act mad.
·         Celebrate every win… until you get to the locker room.  Then move on to the next game.
·         The worst day in coaching is still better than the best day doing just about anything else!
·         Plan your week on Sunday. Plan the next day, in greater detail, the night before.
·         Great teams are good enough to win even when the ‘ball doesn’t bounce their way.’
·         Rules for individual workouts: personal and purposeful
·         You must practice with the poise and effort of a championship team to become a championship team.
·         Great coaching: clear, concise, complete
·         It’s not who we play or where we play, its how we play that matters.
·         You must teach all 6 phases of the game:
o   Defensive coverage (transition, talk, point)
o   Shot pressure (contest, alter shot)
o   Rebound (block out, pursue, chin the ball, outlet)
o   Value the ball (move the ball, hard cuts, set screens)
o   Shot discipline (Who? Where? When?)
o   Offensive board coverage
·         The more you think, the slower your feet move.
·         Don’t give directions that can be understood, give directions than can’t be misunderstood.
·         If you have to tell everyone you are great… you aren’t.
·         Gossipers say behind your back what they won’t say to your face. Flatterers say to your face what they won’t say behind your back.
·         Positioning, anticipation and technique create quickness. Therefore, you can always get quicker.
·         You can never work too much on shooting.
Well there you have it, a ton of knowledge from one of the best ever.
Please honor Coach Meyer and forward this blog to at least one other coach.  Help me spread his message.