Xs & Os

Pack Line Defense – Nothing Gets to the RIM

  • Think HELP all the time
  • Close out Close out Close out
  • Ball Pressure Zig Zag them
  • Active hands DIGGING the Ball out
  • Front the POST
  • Defend the RIM First – Stop the Ball
  • Defend Man Second (Transition)

The Bunny Shots – We make em ALL

Rip & Pivot – Give them an Opportunity to FOUL you

Active Hands – Dig The Ball OUT

Passing to the Post – Bounce IT

Offense – Pass and Go SCREEN anybody – READ & REACT
Pick n Roll / Pass n Cut – Keepin it simple but FUN

  • Ball Screen after a pass
  • Use the Big as a screen to get rid of your defender
  • Works with zones or 1 x 1 Coverage
  • Dribble your man into the BIG
  • Blurr and Pinch Screens
  • Roll with the Flow
  • Offensive Spacing – Cover the SPOTs – Keep your Score Spacing

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