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The JumpBALL Conundrum 

Posted: February 28, 2018 in Uncategorized

No – not the jump at the start of the game to determine possession.
Its the tie up of joint possession of the basketball when 2 or more players of the opposing teams – Possess the ball at the same instant.

How does a Jump Ball get called during the Game.
1.) An offensive player has the ball in their possession and a defensive player is able to get their hands on the ball as to where the defensive player has possession to.
2.) The ball is loose where as nobody has possession of the ball and 2 players go after the ball and both get possession at the same time. (50 / 50 BALL)
This scenario is the result of 2 players hustling after the ball. GOOD – We want the hustle to happen.

So – the Conundrum is this.
The offensive person has the ball in their possession and is not dribbling. Defensive players go after the ball – trying to steal it, take it, make it theirs. Result is if there is no illegal contact called then the two players gain possession.

SO – what results when 2 people on opposing teams have the ball at the same time.
1.)On alternate possessions – the defense is rewarded with the ball
2.)On alternate possessions – the offense retains possession of the ball
3.)Play Stops – An out of bounds ensues

What can/will happen when attempting to gain control.
1.) Foul
2.) Stoppage of play
3.) You actually able to ripe the ball out of their possession(this can not legally happen since the very definition of a tied up jump ball is simultaneously possession.)
4.) Somebody catches an Elbow.
5.) Coach is hollering (get them OFF)

NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS (unless its end of game retaining possession to score)

Instead – TEAM Defense Concept.
Team Defense mindset – Everything you do is to help your teammates to be better.
What to do – TOUCH the ball.
As a defender this is one of the most critical concepts to grasp.
You do not have to take it – All you have to do is TOUCH it.

Let the player with the ball make a mistake. All you do is touch it – the ball will go off course making it possible for one of your team members to STEAL the ball.
THERE – You just got an assist for a steal.

Teach/Learn to Mirror the ball with one hand and prepare to touch the ball with the other hand.
This will keep the game going – No stoppage of PLAY. No whistles.
A steal is 10x more fun then a Tied up Jump Hell ball.

Give your players a reason to have their hands out. Mirror/Touch

Look at the little things – Learn/Teach them. They will end up getting your team there to the Bigger things in the END.
Win the Last GAME.