Ball Handling

Shooting is Important – You must score to help achieve your objectives.
Defense is Important – You must stop the other team from achieving their objectives.
Passing is Important – Being able to get the ball from one player to the others.
Than there is dribbling – Of all the offensive actions, dribbling (Ball Handling) must be the top priority.

  • The ball is in your control anywhere from 1-10 seconds or more per possession. 
  • Certain players will have more time and different responsibilities with the ball but all must possess a high level of ball control.
  • To be proficient at ball handling this skill must be practiced everyday.
  • You do not need a gym to do this in.

Here are links to videos that will help you develop your ball handling skills.

These are Fast Aggressive Drills – Start at your own pace. Work your way up.

Dribble Video 1

Rip Video 1


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