Parent’s Roles

This is a fun an exciting time for you and your kids. Its great to watch them grow and mature through this time in their lives. What makes it even funner is that it is now BASKETBALL season. The time of year where we can come together to cheer on the success of our basketball team.

As a parent of a student athlete it is imperative to be supportive of all involved in the sport no matter the outcome of the score. Positive reinforcement  is critical to the development of the student athlete at all levels of sports where Character is defined and young minds are influenced.

Basketball is a sport where life lessons can be learned to help strengthen and energize kids to be positive role models and leaders in their peer groups. With the help of the parents these life lessons can be further enhanced to be positive reinforcements for a successful life.

Before, During, and After games is a great time to show your true character to all who are involved with this educational process of your student athlete. Referees and Coaches have a vested interest in your student athletes to help them to become better persons through athletic challenges. We are all here for the same reason – To help your student athlete through their educational process.

Thank You

Coach West


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