Consistency of the Basics

Posted: June 9, 2018 in Uncategorized

When building a community based team sport from the bottom up – there needs to be consistency.

Consistency in the Terms we use.
Consistency in the Values we teach.
Consistency in the our Goal.

Consistency in All the BASIC fundamentals of the game.

Starting our in the Youngest of groups (3rd grade and on UP) Consistency is key to getting everybody on board Parents, Parent Coaches, players, Refs, Park and Rec leagues and Coaches.

As we begin this Journey – the kids who are playing are the most important. We must make this game fun and energetic, involving all the kids in all aspects of the game. Defense / Offence / Ball Handling / Support across the bench as well as the players on the floor.

This will give each kid equal opportunity to take advantage of our knowledge and grow as a student athlete and person.

This will lead to more kids being involved further into their High School careers.

This will lead to having extremely successful programs go the distance in all aspects.

Kids grow up FAST – from year to year, the difference in their abilities will change dramatically. Always count all kids in everything. The next year they may grow 6 inches and develop in talents that are beyond our scope.

Keeping an eye on the BASICS is the Key. All kids have the knack to learn the simplest of skills and repeat that same training all through their entire career. This will lead to more kids staying involved.
Leaders will rise // Role players will develop and the team will come together and the PEAK.

More to Come – What are the BASics we should be teaching (Tactical Approach)

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